Well im still not sure where i wanna go for this winter. But most probably i wanna go to spain though actually i wanna go to france more. I've been over to Italy , Russia , Egypt. Probably in my next post im gonna put up some beautiful pictures of those country ... XOXO


Indeed God did answer my prayer... I couldnt finish studying for neuro and I prayed for a miracle that that i can pass...In the end my teacher is sick.. therefore i dont have to sit for the exam but the ironic thing is the teachers now suddenly feel like swapping groups for the oral examination this wednesday... and it happens to be that their teacher is much more strict... Die... Double DIE....

Die Die Die.....

Tomorrow i will be having my neurology exam... And i just finish 10 percent of it only... I need a very very big faith to even pass tomorrow,.. Just pray that God will help me through it...


When we talk about euthanasia... somehow rather religion and ethics will come into the picture...okay.... anyway let me define first what is the meaning of euthanasia...SOme people called it mercy killing wheareas to some professionals they feel that it is the practice of having a medically assisted death.

Why some people are pro euthanasia?

  • Choice (coz everyone wanna practice democracy)
  • Quality of life ( why not let them die peacefully rather than clinging onto some life suffort system)
  • Economic cost ( as you know most politicians are keeping the money for themselves )

Why SOme people are against euthanasia?

  • MORAL ( some people think its murder and some think its suicide and as for me I never really paid attention in the moral class)
  • Professional role ( Well supposedly there's this oath that all doctors know about of "To please no one will I prescribe a deadly drug nor give advice that may cause his death" .. well.. im a medical student , why wasnt i taught of that in medical schools)
  • Religion ( Christians believe that life belongs ultimately to God and therefore humans do not have the choice to end their life)
  • Wishes of the family ( family members just don't know when to let go)
Well... since my points for debating against euthanasia is more that proeuthanasia... Therefore i conclude that I am Against euthanasia!!!

Christmas Bash Charity Concert 2007 in Moscow (Feat Jaclyn VicTor)!!