Clichegal got featured !!

Yay!! I got featured in Malaysian Medical Resources.

Why Pretty

I see Pretty every day. I see it on tv, in magazines, and on ten-foot cardboard cut-outs in shopping complexes' windows. I see it on billboards and mannequin displays, photographs and paintings. I hear about it in conversations, jokes, and music. I see and hear Pretty every day.

I know what Pretty is and I know what Pretty looks like and I know that Pretty doesn't look like me.I also happen to know that there is not one thing I can do about it.

Pretty is very subjective.Some thinks that Pretty equals to happy and healthy but nowadays majority thinks that Pretty is more than that.
It's really a horrible thing to live in the world as a female right now. Right now, someone or some group is always being judged on how they look, and whether you're 'hot' or not can actually affect how much you are paid or not paid.

But let's take a look at the society that we women are forced to deal with daily:

Healthy, happy women are not nearly as idolized as busty women with sexy, smoky eyes, or scantily-clad women who knows exactly how to shake their assets.

You can tell us all you like that it's important to smile sincerely and take care of our skin and hair and eat healthily but let's face the truth everyone.

People don't put those who smile sincerely and take care of their skin and hair or eat healthily on a pedestal but people put the ones who are willing to walk down a runway half naked on a pedestal.

Of course, all women and girls face insecurity with some part of their appearance and some more than others.Lately I've been complaining way too much about the way I look (i.e. nose too big, face too pimply and rough, cheeks too fat), or my ugly-proportioned body (uhhh... I refuse to divulge details here ). See I have my own insecurities too.

And I have to say: No one can truly understand the feeling of insecurity but the girls who face it more.

Sometimes I wonder would one think that having someone telling you that you're beautiful repeatedly convince you that you are?I mean someone who you know you can trust and that you know loves you? Surprisingly, for some of us, no.

Isn't it sad to know that the effect that the commercials and the music videos have on us can't always be countered? It is sad. It is a sad, sad thing when a girl or woman is so convinced that they are ugly and unworthy of affection that not even the most important person in their life can convince them otherwise.

That is something I would call as the epitome of sad.

On the contrary, as melodramatic, whiny and pessimistic I have been in this entry, I am actually blessed, blessed, blessed.In everything I am and have.

So shall I dare say I am beautiful. Not only in my own way. I am beautiful because I am. Inside. Outside.

^_^ ( So cliche)

Fracture of the penis!!

Fracture of the penis!!!
Yes indeed, this was what the specialist diagnosed on a patient this morning.
Intriguing right?
When the patient was diagnosed of having fracture of the penis. This certain image came into my mind.

But of course I knew that my imagination was wrong cause everybody knows that there is no bone at the penis.So could you possibly "fracture" it?

So I came home and did my homework on it and I learnt that fracture of the penis apparently means rupture of the tunica albuginea of the corpus cavernosum secondary to trauma (most commonly sexual intercourse and dont ask me how you bend till you fracture it,use your own imagination)

Lets go into the anatomy of the penis for awhile. The penis is made of a few erectile tissues , eg, corpus cavernosum (left and right) and the corpus spongiosum. The tunica albuginea covers the corpus cavernosum. During an erection, these tissues enlarge, which causes the tunica albuginea to become thin and stiff. At this point, the penis is vulnerable to injury.

Apparently, you would be able to hear a "cracking" sound when the fracture occurs. Oh my, it sounds really painful, isn't it? If the injury is severe, the urethra maybe damaged as well. (The urethra is a tube that carries urine from the bladder to the external).

Urgent treatment of the fractured penis is required, otherwise, it may become deformed.Patient may also suffer from erectile dysfunction and painful erections in the future.

So people, please don't be too rough during sexual intercourse...the last thing you want is having a fractured penis and spoiling everything.

Kuala Lumpur Taxi Driver Scams

I was in KL a couple of weeks ago for my visa and to visit my sister who has just started working.And I had a taste of how "cut-throat" expensive a typical malaysian cab driver can be.
I'm aware of how cab drivers in KL are like but experiencing it at a time when I'm in a hurry or too tired to walk and finding another cab makes the experience much much worse! I was totally pissed off when I was really in a hurry to get to the Russian embassy in Jalan Ampang from Kota Raya. ( note : my journey on this cab1 starts at 11.55 am and I need to get to the embassy before 1 pm.)

Well,I didn't really know the exact location of the embassy so I put my trust into cab1 plus I was really in a hurry.By the time we reached Ampang,there was a heavy traffic.

So cab1 told me maybe I could just walked from there cause the embassy was just right in front( Cuma jalan 5 minit saja adik and I paid RM 7.00) .So I trusted him and I got down and walked straight. After 45 minutes, I didn't see a single embassy. Bagher!!Then only it came to my senses that I was cheated. I mean if he didn't know how to get there,he shouldn't have cheated in the first place.I paid RM7.00 for nothing.

I began to panic as I didn't know where I was . (Ampang is big okay). So I flaged another cab. (CAB2)

ME: Do you know how to get to the Russian embassy in Jalan Am
pang?aaa... That street got alot of embassy one .
CAB2: ya ya ya...come in

Finally, I felt so relieved. ( after a few minutes... )

CAB2:So you know how to go there right!
ME: I was like excuse me...

CAB2: Actually I got map one . Last week my flen borlow then never return.
ME: So you don't know where it is?
CAB2 : No no no... I know... just that my flen borlow my map........
ME : Ok ok ok ok ... Just stop in front of the gas station.

And you know what ,I paid a freaking RM 6.20 to that fellow just to drive around Ampang and telling his grandmother stories and once again i didn't know where I was. So I flagged another cab. (CAB3) . Then I decided that I just wanted to go to Ampang Park Station and walked myself to the embassy. It took CAB3 forever to reach Ampang Park when I was already in Ampang. (okay, Ampang may be big but not thatttttt big k) I guessed he gave me a complete tour around Ampang. Oh wait... the best part has yet to come... The fare was RM11.30 .... Bagher!! So I paid him RM 15.00 in hoping for a change.

CAB3: Adik, tak de duit kecil lagi ke?
ME: Tak de... ( The next note that I have was RM50.00)
CAB3: Abang betul betul tak de. You customer pertama abang. Tak de duit kecil la dik..
ME: ya ya ya ya ya (I answered him in a very frustrated mood.I know it's very rude but I was really tired, hungry , dehydrated-coz I walked for a freaking 45 minutes and frustrated.)

And so I got myself out from the cab (I think I accidentally slammed his do
or) and started to ask around if anybody knew how to get there. Thank God the first person i asked directed me. It was so easy, it was just straight down from Ampang Park towards Jalan Ampang road. I walked for about 45 minutes and found the embassy. My watch showed 4.10 pm ... 4 hours just to get to Ampang whereas the journey from my hometown to KL takes about 4 hours too. And I spent RM28.20 for nothing...

My conclusion on KL taxi drivers are (of course there are exceptions ) :

1. They don't run on meters.
2. Even if they do,they like to bring you for a round tour. (its really frustrating if you're in a hurry.
3. Taxi drivers that talks a lot tend to cheat you. ( At least in my case CAB 123 like to talk)
4. Never trust when they say they don't have change.
5. They tend to cheat if you are not from KL.
6. They tend to cheat if you dont know the route even if you're from KL.

Hah... at last.... all my dissatisfaction is released....

Finally I have Facebook!

Finally, after 2 years of procrastination I've finally able to bring myself to open an account in Facebook.Why after 2 years?Well, becoz of this :

SISTER : Hey open a facebook account will ya.I wanna keep in contact with you.
ME: I have Friendster.You can find me there.
SISTER : Oh my.. are you still using Friendster? Do you know only auntie uses it?Nobody uses Friendster now.Everybody is in Facebook.It's the "in" thing now.
ME: But I like Friendster though I have not signed in for sometime.
SISTER: Oh my! You are transforming into an auntie.
ME: (Look puzzled)

On another scenario while I was sms-ing a long lost friend.

FRIEND: So how do I contact you in Malaysia.Maybe we can go out for a drink?phone no?
ME: I have forgotten my Malaysia no.
FRIEND: Its okay.Then we'll keep in touch through Facebook k!
ME: Ermm.. I dun have a Facebook.
FRIEND: Hey gurl you know that this is 21st century right?
ME: (Speechless)

So in the end I decide to open a Facebook account but for my identity as Clichegal for me to keep in contact with my blogger friends and not the real me.And voila here's my Facebook account.

But one big problem. After I have created an account, I have several pending invitations of friends to be confirmed under my Clichegal account.I mean they are not suppose to be there.I dont want everybody to know that I have a blog.I dont mind them reading my blog but I find it rather funny when they read my blog and instantly labelled me.For instance :

FRENS : I always see you laughing laughing but you portray yourself a bit too sad la in your blog.
ME: hehe... am I?

You see what I mean. Of course I'm thankful.It's just that I find it awkward..Anyway now my mission is to edit my name to my real name cause I cannot change my friend's list.

So ... I'm going to have fun with facebook now..Chao!!

Hellboy 2, Kungfu Panda , Hancock , Incredible Hulk , Superhero Movie

This summer,coincidently movies that I have watched are all superhero movies .And of course I'm anticipating the release of The Dark Knight especially the role played by Heath Ledger's last film - the notorious Joker. I have watched Hancock, Kungfu Panda, Incredible Hulk and Superhero Movie and Hellboy 2... So this is my review on it..


1. Hellboy 2

This is an A class movie.This movie starts off far more funny than any other movies that I've watched recently.The action sequences are excellent and visual effects were simply amazing especially the golden army itself and the forest God.So if you like fantasy, this is the movie for you.

2. Kung Fu Panda

This is an action comedy computer animated cartoon. I don't really fancy cartoons but the movie throws me into amazement and amusement.I love Po, the big fat and lazy panda.He is just so adorable.This movie is simply delivered funnily and franticaly.

3. Hancock

Well I love Will Smith.But as much as I love him the story is a little offbit to me.Its funny but dramatic in parts.I was expecting more.

4. Incredible Hulk

The story is a little bit straightforward to the point of being way too simple for me.I was expecting more. But I like the part where Hulk and Liv Tyler was in a cave .. the scenario was pretty romantic and funny when Hulk hit his head onto the rock.

5. Superhero movie

My worst movie ever and I want my money back.This is a terrible spoof to Spiderman and trust me its full of toilet humour.Watch only if there's really nothing to watch or if you have lots of money.

Phew.. finally ....

License to Kill

This morning I've learned a very important lesson... I'll tell you at the end of this post.

DOC : Now,tell me what is the contraindication of Metformin?
ME : GI upset
DOC : No No No ... Contraindication... Not side effect..
ME : (taking a deep breath and starting to put on my thinking cap)
DOC: So?
ME : I think its contraindicated in patient who has renal failure and heart failure.
DOC: That's all?
ME: Just smiling.
DOC: Well, Its contraindicated in patient with liver,heart,lung and renal failure, with the creatinine levels
>1.4 mg/dL . One day if you were a HO (house officer), please remember this as Metformin is widely use in this country especially in the country where Diabetes Mellitus, Heart,renal,lung and liver failure is sky rocketting.Other wise you will kill your patient. (At the same time, he is looking at his HO)

FRIEND1: Its also contraindicated in people who has high lactic acidosis.
ME: I see. Why didn't you answer him just now?
FRIEND1:Like you I only remember Heart and renal failure plus high lactic acidosis. I have done my elective posting with him last year and I've learned my lesson.That's why I prefer to be silent cause I've tasted his sarcasm.


To some certain doctors, if you know a little and don't know the rest,it's okay cause at least you know something. But to some certain doctors (like this DOC) , if you know a little,it simply means you dont know anything. Given it some thought, its true.With little knowledge store up in my head could gain me a license to "kill".

I am still alive and kicking

Yes people... I'm still alive and kicking.The reason that I don't update much is that I'm using TMNET dial-up ..(an internet service provider in Malaysia). I know I know nobody uses dial up anymore. But what can I do. Nobody uses the internet at home. Thus,its not worth the money if I use broadband.Wow.. switching from a 6 Mbps (moscow) to a dial up (malaysia) sure needs a long time to adjust. I did try to post something but it was so slow that I just gave up. I couldn't even upload a picture. But today the wind seems to be blowing on my side and so "vuala" or "viola" or "voola" here's my post.

I sure do regret why I do not use my time wisely in fourth year. That's why I am suffering during my attachment now. Everytime when the specialist ask me a question, my BP will rise probably up to 160/100 , Pulse rate 110 and cold sweats all over. Why? Maybe because I stand for alot of medical students from Russia and if I screw up, so does all other medical students.But thank God, till now the specialist is satisfied with my answer.But I know myself where my knowledge falls between and it doesnt look good. So I'll just end here and continue to study about basic stuff like Lab analysis interpretations,ECG, Chest X ray, CT and Auscultation..

P/S : From today onwards till the end of my attachment i will be posting some of the questions that was bombarded to me ? The reason for this is to share with my fellow juniors and friends what I've learned during this period and not meant to boast about myself as "one individual" had claimed.

Q 1. I was asked to auscultate a patient's heart and what I heard was murmur from S1 till S2 with uniform intensity.

DOC :So what have you heard?
ME :Murmur from S1 to S2 especially on the 3rd to 4th intercostal spaces along the sternal border.
DOC : So?
ME : (Starting to put on my thinking cap ) ... Pansystolic murmur
DOC : What is the grade?
ME : (hmm I remember reading it yesterday) ... not sure doctor (..start to grin)
DOC : Do you hear thrills?
ME: Yes.
DOC: So?
ME: (haiyah!! die die la... just tembak only ) Grade 3
DOC: Ok ( looking satisfied) It's Grade 3 because the murmur is audible but not palpable
ME: (haha.. 4 years in Russia tembak-ing ... Dont play play.. but I guess he knows that I tembak..haha)
DOC : Does it radiate?
ME: Nope
DOC: So?
ME: Huh? (eyes wide open) You mean diagnosis?
DOC: (Nodding His head)
ME: (Luckily, he didnt say "aboo- then") Ventricular Septal Defect
DOC: Ok (and continue his rounds)
ME : (relieved... Thank God I read about that yesterday)

So..stay tune tomorrow .. same website and same blogger... for more...