Phantom voters in Malaysia...

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Phantom Voters in Malaysia?
I never believe in that statement until I see it for myself.
Click on
and see it for yourself:

Try to click on this
87120574 015

I was completely shocked when I try it out myself.


When I first saw this, I thought something must be wrong with my math. 16 years old? The? I thought it was 21. So I thought I would give it a try. And guess what? I was completely dumbfounded.
He is 116 years old..Oh well, maybe .
I guessed politics are dirty.

Thanks to Dayat for the valuable info.

How do you know its Love?

emi fujita - somewhere over the rainbow

You must have wondered why I put this here.This song matches perfectly with how my feel at this moment.

To me this is a very beautiful song.Its lyric and melody are simply beautiful.It does bring back memories.

Sometimes I wonder , how do you know ,when it's love ? And not just infatuation. I mean the word love is a big word. And even if it's love , how do you know that its not puppy love or a friendship love.Or perhaps like some of the people here in Moscow ,"security love"(hehe that's just how i named it). Moscow is a hard place to live in.Sometimes I wonder have people mistakenly found the "one" in Moscow.

I have a friend whoose heart was ripped off and smashed just because the gal had a "friendship love" towards him.Things went on pretty well for them as friends because they could really clicked well until they became committed to each other.Not long after they got together,they broke up.I guessed they were just not meant to be together.
However the guy (i don't how to put this but with my Manglish)was very consistent and the gal was just not strong enough to say No and the next thing you knew,they were together again.And that just became a "sympathy love". One day the gal just put an end to the relationship. My guy friend was very hurt and everybody put their sympathy over him but no one knew that it hurts the gal as much as it hurts the guy too.

It took a long time for my guy friend to regain his happiness.And now he's quite happy with someone else.(how do I know about it? Thanks to Friendster.hahaha)

And the gal? Well from what I know she's still a single aimless soul searching for the "one".

With their story,I've made a vow to myself that I will never ever get myself into a relationship unless I'm really really certain that it's love. (But then again , How do you know,its love?)

From Moscow with Love

For most Malaysians, encountering snow is a novelty.In fact, until I went to Moscow, a historical yet contemporary metropolis last winter, my closests encounters with snow had been the man made stuff in The Mines Wonderland and the frost in my refrigerator.

The journey to Moscow was a boisterous one. With a bunch of eager and excited Malaysians, it would be difficult to be otherwise. To be precise I would described our enthusiasm as that of a Hillbilly or mountain forest apes. As I stepped onto the land of Russia, the sight of snow-blanketed buildings tremendously amazed me. The vogue-conscious amongst us naturally grabbed the chance to parade our latest designer winter wear.

Well, to get to Moscow, the journey will take at least 11 hours. What attracts holidaymakers from all around the globe is that Moscow promises moments of “chilling” fun showcasing hotels, restaurants, shops, myriad sporting facilities, and beautiful construction architecture.

It was a superb feeling when I finally reached my destination-Moscow. One of my priorities in Moscow was to pose for photos on this snow-bound paradise. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring it over. When it began to snow, it felt like as if the sky had opened up and somebody was sprinkling tiny white particles from a peppershaker.

Happy Chinese Valentine (THe Notorious Chap Goh MEh)

Happy belated Chinese Valentine ppl.. Notorious? Why not? Coz legend has seen young unmarried women tossing tangerines into the sea in hoping to get a husband.
I mean we're living in 21st century where we can see digital revolution(internet ) growing rapidly and now throwing tangerines into the sea?...I've had a friend who got "saman" for throwing tangerines into the sea.What a price to pay. Im someone who loves the sea alot... I just hate it when people dirty it plus I find it hilarious to believe in superstitions like this...

Anyway on this very day,even without a boyfriend, I got myself indulged onto 'sushi" nyam ... nyam..
In Moscow, the famous franchise sushi restaurant is named "Planeta Sushi(sushi planet) .

Grilled chicken ordered by my fren from Patio..

Buffalo wings from TGI

Yay Sushi!!! (aren't they adorable)

Im not sad...

wow... 3 post in a day.?.. what a record ... im just feeling blue ..that's why my posts sounded so sad.... nothing happened to me.. its just one of those moments where you just wanna be left alone(come on... I believe you go through it too...) ...I'll be okay after this...

The wilted Me

The night is too long
and has crystallised into frost
in the attic filled with cold hope
My tears glistens with weakness and pain
Rain gently bounces off the vermillon window
I have written my life on paper
only to be blown into a mess by the winds
The ghostly white curved moon hooks onto the past
The faraway dream has become really faint
The wind has dispersed image of me
My smile has become faintly yellow
My thoughts lay aside quietly
spring has already come
drifting down brillantly
the wilted me
If you are sad don't cross the river of worries
For fear that you can't get back on shore
and swayed away for a lifetime
The sky is starting to light up my sighing voice
For tomorrow is a better day

The most beautiful Love is the one that we carry in our memories

The sky is grey, as if it has cried
Leaving you, does not leave me free
The sour air produces the smell of our distance
It feels like breathing, unable to cease
The yellowed-diary in the drawer has found its recollections
That smile resembles the season of summer
Our past can really be considered to be forgotten
The lack of oxygen after love is like the tears of stars,
I know that neither one of us are at fault
We just forgot how to give in
Our oath has made its best effort,
but it allowed time to make it empty
I know that neither one of us are at fault
It is just that it will be better if we separate
The most beautiful love is the one that we carry in our memories

May you RIP Lydia Shum...

Lydia Shum ,dogged by numerous health problems, including chronic ailments such as cholangitis, diabetes and hypertension, was lately admitted to hospitals repeatedly. She was diagnosed with liver tumor and cancer around the gallbladder in 2006 and was discharged from hospital in July 2007 after an operation to remove one third of her liver. But she collapsed at home and was rushed to hospital in October.

After almost two years of battling cancer, Lydia Shum , one of Hong Kong's most revered and long-lasting stars - finally succumbed to her illness . It seems ironic, or perhaps it is a sign of things to come, that this sad news comes in the midst of the city being caught up in the maelstrom of the celebrity nude pictures scandal....

I grew up watching her on tv.
She had brought a great deal of happiness and great fun to my childhood tv life. I have great respectfor her for she embraced her physical appearance and found pride in humour and entertainment.She had brought lotsa contributions, sweet memories and laughter to the entertainment industry.

She had fought the battle bravely and I am proud of her.May she rest in peace...

Famous delicacy in spain...

In Spain especially in the town of Toledo, they are famous for Marzapan..(a type of sweet).Its very delicious and very unique and beautiful to look at.
Lunch in one of the restaurants in Lloret De Mar

They are very famous for their thick chocolate drink & churos



A: Hey do you wanna go for a movie tonight?

B:I'm sorry.I'm not feeling well.I'm having my menstrual.

My Chinese friends

A: Hey,do you wanna go for a movie tonight?

B:I'm sorry.I'm not feeling well.My auntie visit la…

My sister

A: Hey,do you wanna go for a movie tonight?

B:I'm sorry.I'm not feeling well.emmm… neh… that thing u know..that thing lo…

My Indian neighbour

A: Hey,do you wanna go for a movie tonight?

B:I'm sorry.I'm not feeling well.period!

My classmates

A: Hey,do you wanna go for a movie tonight?

B:I'm sorry.I'm not feeling well.Im having "roti" now la…

My malay auntie patient (when I did my attachment in hospital during the holidays)

Me: Auntie , you rasa ok tak?

B:Perut sakit.Kotor datang.Tapi mak cik rasa bukan sebab kotor mak cik rasa sakit.Dah lama dah sakit makcik ni.

Me:Huh?( thinking hard with my brain what is kotor but still act as if I know what is kotor.. haha don't wanna embarress my myself.)
Jadi kotor tu selalu datang ke? (thinking that maybe its "ghosts")

B: Macam biasa..sebulan sekali…Tapi kalau datang tu,tersangat sakit tu…tak tertahan mak cik..

Me: ohh… okla mak cik(thinking of how to get myself away) ,tak apa,sekarang saya panggil doctor untuk check makcik..Saya tak boleh beri nasihat sebab saya masih palajar perubatab(feeling relieved)..Tapi mak cik jangan risau… Saya rasa bukan sebab "kotor"(thinking how can it be a ghost)

Later in the day,somehow I found out that "kotor"= menstrual NOT"kotor"=ghost

In conclusion, there's so many names people use for menstrual eg, auntie visit, period, dirty stuff, roti, kotor…..

Somehow rather I'm glad that I live in a multiracial country. All little things like this (auntie visit, period, emmm… neh… that thing lo... roti, kotor, …I mean being able to know what they actually mean is very funny especially the part when I thought "kotor"= ghost )spices up my life a lot .I'm proud to be Malaysian!

Old folks ad!!

i love this heartwarming! and the cliches in there are so apt! it's not about how much money you earn but how much time you spend on your family

My guitar lesson-I will sing of your love forever by Mercyme

I've just started playing guitar for about a month.In this video ,i will show what i've learned.(its not that great but enough to make me happy.HAHAHA......)I would like to say thank you to those who have taught me and beared with my stupidity...(sorry that the video is not that clear coz i use my webcam and not videocam...)hehe

Gifts la Espania...

I've been on shopping binge charging around 100 euro ranging from key chains to Flamenco Dance fans with lace to a Barcelona Fc plate and lotsa baby-T (ZARA) and my favourite spring jacket( ZARA) , sweater (from ZARA) and a Fun&Basics handbag from El corte Ingles (the largest department store in Spain)

This is my key chain collection.. I'm a key chain freak...
Ranging from 1.00 euro to 2.50 euro each

Flamenco Dance fans with lace
1.50 euro in Madrid

Barcelona FC plate
12.00 euro

2.95 euro
original : 7.95 euro

Sweater from Zara in Barcelona
9.95 euro
original : 20 euro
(There's another jacket too for the same price but im lazy to take the pic of it..hehe)

My favourite spring jacket from Zara in Madrid
39.90 euro
original : 80.00 euro

Fun&Basics handbag from El corte Ingles
19.90 euro
original: 39.90 euro

Apparently ZARA , MNG ,Topshop etc had good sales up to 70%...But I would prefer ZARA coz its' designs are of my taste and choice...

Spain - Lloret de Mar

I'm sorry for posting this travelogue of mine late.. I've been very busy lately..hehe..

Well..on the 19th January my friend and I took a flight to Spain for an 8-day trip in Spain.Indeed it was a memorable one.There was so much that I wanna blogged about but if I had posted all at one time I would sound like an old whinny Grandma…So I decided to post bit by bit…hehe..

Lloret de Mar- We stayed in Lloret de Mar,a beach town (one of the most popular Costa Brava beaches in Mediterranean) primarily known as a tourist resort. It is 75 km from Barcelona. To me, the beach is not that great but it's a great place to stay if you're a retiree.However there's lotsa tourist there(mostly senior citizens)

Famous landmarks in Lloret