From Dubai with Love....

From Dubai with love.. its 3.46am in the busy morning of a Dubai Airport and My next transit is in 10 hours time...Oh God help me go through this freaking boredom.

Yay...I've survived Russia ... At least for this semester. I cannot believe with my eyes that I'm going into the realm of 5th year . Day by day I'm getting closer to my dreams.On another note,
I've been on a chocolate rampage this week. I am scared of getting diabetes but the urge to eat is overwhelming.

Exams are over-I'm so relieved. Exam results were way much better than expected. It's all God's hand in it because I can honestly say I had nothing much to do with the exam results I got.

I just hope that when I'm back in Sitiawan, life will settle back to its routine again. Arghh.. hate the adjustment ...

Does absence makes the heart grows fonder?

P/S: lazy wanna post picture.. so bear with me k coz if you really like what i write I guess picture doesn't matter much right..

Woo hoo... I'll be back home in a few days time and I realise how much I miss the people and places I have taken for granted earlier.

As I was typing this I was imagining how I wish to spend my summer back home...
Hmmm.. this :

1. On the way back home on daddy's car from the airport,I saw a famous malaysian "duit kopi" scene and I shake my head wonderingly at the sight of a potbellied policeman keeping the money into his pocket while other drivers roars past them in blatant defiance of traffic laws.

2. I sit on the beach, curling my toes in the crunchy sand and watching the timeless waves rising and ebbing, rising and ebbing, rising and ebbing...

3. It must have felt great to be back home, to catch up with old friends and see they haven't changed at all. To go to all my usual hangouts and relive memories of what were, in many cases, happier times. To learn of the problems, triumphs, romances, expectations, plans and adventures of all those who matter to me. To call up and rebond with friends who have left for foreign lands, pursuing dreams vastly different from mine.

So much to do, so many people to meet, so many places to go, so much emotional baggage.

4. The images imprinted in my mind at this moment are of mamak stalls at 12pm, eating laksa all day long, Kampua, nasi lemak, tomyam... (im salivating hehe)

5. After a while memories in Kl will definitely come flashing in my mind with birthday bash followed by a mad dash for cake, discussing life with close friends until 5 in the morning,Chor Dai Dee the whole night till morning and then going to mamak at 5

6. But I also find myself, very strangely, missing Moscow. Already. So much so that I call up my classmates all over the country, just to ask them what's up. To hear their voices and feel the warm emotions that course through me as we both realise it's simply awesome to hear one another's voices again.
Haha... I couldn't stop smiling thinking of the days Im gonna be back in Malaysia.

I guess opening up to people and realizing that I need a shoulder to cry on just as much as the next person, sharing and caring like I never have before, getting used to the fact that I instinctively call the room I'm staying in Moscow 'home', making friends and building relationships that really matter and that I hope will last all my life.Why do I feel like I sound like I've graduated and never gonna come back.

I guess absence from my home both in Malaysia and Moscow makes my heart grows fonder of both places

The guy whom I treasure and love most...

Who is HE?

He is the first guy whom I met in my life.

He cooks the best food in the world.
He is my biggest influence and of course my mentor.
He is a man of big ego but the ego shrunk when I'm around.

He is someone who never says NO to me.
He is a man of great guts because at the age of 50 he shave his head bald.
(sigh dunno what was going on with his mind)

He is someone who aspires to be like "Donald Trump"
but never accomplishes his dreams because
kids like me spend all the money he has.
He is someone who smokes non stop when he is worried. ( stop smoking k)
And He is a stubborn man and I have his genes.

He is the most handsome man I've ever seen in my life (Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder k)
He is someone who tells his children that Dinosaur actually do exist and yet they believe.

He is someone whoose wife too wants to be his children for she feels that he is a better father than a husband.
He works very hard for his family to enjoy the life they have today.
He is someone who grew up lacking of love and yet gave me all the love he had.
He is the perfect blueprint of the man I want to find in a life partner.
He is my Daddy.
I miss you.

Euro 2008

Euro 2008 finally kicks off.People are supporting teams based on many different reasons such as their favourite players, office sweepstakes, bets, family ties, the underdog.
Personally I won't be supporting any team so just for once I don't have to go through all the heart break that brings and enjoy football for what it is - the beautiful game.

At this moment, Austria is playing against Poland with 0-1. Im happy for Poland for now coz they are playing a good game at least for now.
May the best team wins.

P/S: I am looking forward for tomorrow's match , Netherlands against France . Wonder who will win though.. I know I just said that I won't be supporting any team but I really do love Netherland.Really want Netherlands to win.

Wow at the 92 minute Vastic from Austria scored 1 point through a penalty kick.
Official --- 1-1
I guess Poland must have felt devastated. I too thought Poland was gonna win.
well well, isn't football a beautiful game. You will never know who's gonna win until the referee blows his final whistle.

Do dreams really come true?

There are people who put their dreams in a little box and say, "Yes, I've got dreams,of course I've got dreams.Then they put the box away and bring it out once in awhile to look in it, and yup they are still there.

I've heard this a million times but still "my dream is still a dream".Well to be frank, I am one of those few who loves to dream but never try to make it happen.I guess this is the "procrastinating instinct" that I have in me.

Speaking about dreams,life has an odd way of changing my course of life.
At a moments notice,I woke one day and realized that I am somewhere
I've never planned/expected/dreamed I would be.
For instance, Russia or even studying medicine.
No doubt studying medicine is something that
I really want to do cause I cannot see myself doing anything other than this.
I guess that is the beauty of experiencing life.

I've awaken in a place I could never imagine in my best dreams or worst nightmares.For instance, what I really want to be is "a doctor who is compassionate,understanding,honest and an expert in my field".

Thus studying medicine is just one of the keys to realizing my dream which seem to be so far cause life in Russia teaches me how incompassion , inconsiderate , immoral & untruthful one can be.

I shut my eyes and try to rationalize just what my dreams were and where they went versus what my dreams are.Do you get what I mean?Sometimes dreams can be so far apart and yet so close,edging on the brink of reality.

Recently I've been talking to a friend and he's running his family business now.
He once had a dream of being a pilot.

I have often wondered what would have happenned in each of our lives if we were to let go of the dream that was, to reach out to the dream more achievable and yet still satisfying, but not soul-nourishing. Did we give up? Stop believing in our abilities, our potential?

Or did we grow tired of the search, the hunt the challenge and settle for the less stressful, less taxing more simple life? Still full of twists and turns, but always heading in a direction away from the self you thought you were, the self you always believed you could be. I wanted to ask him that but I guess I dont have the guts.

At last the end of my rambling....

Korean Guys are the most sexiest guys in Asia.

I love Korean guys... They are romantic and sweet...(according to the numerous korean series that I've watched eg "Mygirl, Goong, etc etc haha). But I always believe that the way they project their movies and series are somewhat of a way of reflecting their culture... Eg Japanese...(from the Hana Yori... hehe) everybody knows that japanese guys are arrogant and they never say I love You... unlike Koreans.. haha..sigh.. I know I'm being stereotypical but (----grinning----)

Korean guys are the best because (I'm not discussing about caucasians k but even if I do Daniel Henney will outwit,outplay and outdo any of the caucasians k... haha) D::

1. Koreans are generally the tallest of the three nations ( Korea, Japan ,Chinese from you know where.)

2. Japanese guys are too small. They will make me look extremely big if I were to date them. (starting to fantasize)

3. Korean guys' masculine faces - small eyes, well-shaped noses and high cheekbones. (I know many will not agree with me on this... but I dont care... "Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder" )

4. Chinese guys do not care about their personal hygiene that much.They always have the attitude "aiyah... never mind la") but Koreans (---grinning---)... (no explantion needed)

5. People dont scream at Koreans and yell " You male chauvinist pig" (but they do for Japanese and chinese guys.. haha at least I do.. haha)

A tribute to all the handsome koreans in the world..
SOng of the Day : Korean songs

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