Female circumcision & fracture of the penis sequels?- maybe not..

It seems that lately many are interested in a few that I've posted up last year ... For instance on the topic Female Circumcision- Barbaric act and Fracture of the penis ...Yesterday , when I was checking where most of my readers are from, I came to this forum . And then I saw my blog link...

Anonymous said...

As a doctor I have an objection to both male and female circumcision. Male circumcision is for the sake of tradition and religion, not medical. When you weigh the risk to benefit, it does not pan out. Doctors are unwilling to do other needless procedures but when it comes to circumcision most of my collegues seem blinded.

http://clichegal.blogspot.com/2008/03/female-circumcision-barbaric-act.html (Warning content is rather distrubing and graphic)

See the word highlighted in red?? My content is deemed disturbing.. ??? Someone, please Enlighten me.

My life updates

Oh well... I am back in Malaysia now for my summer holiday ... There are many things to be done and yet so little time .Okay just an update of what I have done :

1) Paid my tuition fees
2) Watched Transformers ( It was great but confusing.. they all looked the same to me )
3) Went to Ipoh ( Thanks Dad for being so nice to fetch me all the way there)
4) Ate my mommy's famous ba zhang!
5) Made my name tag
6) Took pictures of my grandma & grandpa's cemetary and printed it out.

Now things that I need to do & my schedule :

1) Going to Miri on the 5th July 2009
2) Report to work on Monday.
3) Buy books in KL
4) Treat my sister(S) for lunch.
5) Prepare sermons to be presented during the mission.
6) Going for missions in Indonesia from the 1 August till 11 August 2009
7) Study a lot so that I would not end up in embarrassment upon being questioned by the doctors or friends during the mission trip.
8) Listen to the CD that Gan gave.
9) To pay a respect to my uncle !!
10) I think that's all.

Okay, now aims that I am hoping to achieve :

1) More that 10 people would be saved during the missions.
2) To go for the Doctors Conference.
3) To grow stronger in faith and love for God!
4) To increase in my knowledge!!!haha
5) To create a close and strong relationships with friends that I am going with to Indonesia.

Today , I went to Giant with mommy. And the cashier was really slow and the queue was super long. I got so frustrated. And then when it was my turn,the cashier made a mistake with a customer before me and had to call his supervisor to come over. I dont know why but I got frustrated and blurted "wah lao" and put a big sigh over him. And my mom got surprised. She asked what happened to me and where did I learn all these bad manners and that it was really rude. And when I think about it, I was never like this back then. I didnt know why I became like this. I felt so bad.I guessed living in Moscow for a long time made me impatient. I don't want this scenario to happen again to me again in near future!

Oh Lord, I just pray to you to guide me through and let the impatience in me to go away from me.Thank you Lord .. AMen!!