Somewhere Over The Rainbow

For those who knows me well enough, they certainly knows about my passion.ummm maybe not passion ..the word passion is too strong .. "preference" over instrumental musics with orchestra on the top of my list,followed by single instruments (eg, piano, guitar , CLARINET , saxophone etc etc etc)

About guitar, I just can't stop listening to this piece that this guy Graham Choo ( a Singaporean kid) is playing... and of course my 2 favourite guitarist is just right in my block (E.C Li and LMN ). Why ? Cause I can order them to play any songs that I want. Of course its so much cheaper than hiring a group of violinist to play for you.

Unlike bulls, they are much more easier to handle. I don't have to pull their hairs just to get them play ... ^_^

Basically, they are really nice people. I just pray that apart from medicine , they will be higher achievers in this area of their lives.. maybe like Graham Choo or even better!!

My new "girlish" template

oh well .. a new look for my blog ^_^.. I was getting sick and tired of my previous blog template that I had to change it.I was planning to change it on the 1st of january... A new year, a new start, and a new template. But I just couldn't wait to change it. hah... finally ...However, this new look of my blog certainly does not spell me.. It's not me at all..anyway I'm tired... so adios people!


Align Center

In the twinkling stars that dance like fireflies
In the blushing fruit that hangs upon the vine
In the face of a baby as he forms his first smile

I see you

In the whisper of the wind's soft lullaby
In the laughter and the roar of the rushing tide
In the song of a sparrow as he takes his first flight

I hear you

Why do you hide among the nameless and forgotten
Why do you walk along these long forsaken roads
Calling to me in the hungry and the homeless
Calling me to water your thirst

So I'll give you my heart and my song
In a world where so much is right
But so much is wrong
Your love is my beginning and I know it won't be too long

Till I see you

P/S : I was inspired when I first heard her on MTV channel and she really caught my attention. The lyrics are simple but that's what makes it beautiful. Easy to understand and yet deep .

Awkward moments!

Yeah... I've been thru soooo many awkward moments. Often I cover my head in embarassment, wanting to disappear magically or wishing someone would help me out but almost always I never get my way.

I often wonder why people want to date over a meal. Personally,I think mealtimes are the most embarassing moments for me. I don't know what to order that ain't so expensive but not so cheap that I look as if I underrate my date's financial prowess (not that I have any date before). Then when it's time for my soup, I just hope that it won't drip over my lips (yea yea I know some of you never have these problems, gahhh). Then, while trying to fit in a conversation I'll be wondering what to do with the chicken tendon that I accidentally put into my mouth. To spit it out or what? And then after that, the whole meal thing, I stand up, trying to disguise my stomach that has considerably swelled after the whole date. Forget about looking ravishing as I sashayed into the restaurant earlier.

I have this problem about sustaining conversations. . Enduring to the end... trying and racking your brains for something, anything to say. And then, when you say something you wish you didn't,and awkwardness creeps in.

I need a social consultant. Now!

Christians as doormat ?

Did you understand what cliched books meant when they said "her eyes wide, she opened her mouth to say something, and then closed it shut." Well,I would not want to say that it happened to me...but Hey .. everybody somehow went through that period right.

Don't understand? Have you ever been in the position where you were just about to fire off a snappy retort to someone who super annoyed you with her assumptious comment.She asked you to do something and while you were going to do it, even though you weren't that keen on it but because she wanted you to and you wanted to make things easier for her. And suddenly she said, "Waa, only doing that bit ahh!" (to that effect).Instantly the Flame of the Wrongly Accused flared up in you and you wanted to say in a very irritated tone, "I'm going to do this first."

And as you were about to do it, something stopped you before you could get the words out. You know how, when you think, you don't think in words but rather are led by emotions or senses? Well, some sense in you reminded you that you had to be patient. And thus you kept quiet.

Anyway, what I want to say today is that being a Christian is being a doormat! Not fighting back, not defending yourself, not demanding your rights! You get stepped on, taken for granted, overlooked, unappreciated by everybody because you won't stand up for yourself! You see? YOU SEE?! And the God you serve was the biggest doormat of all! The only difference is, his doormat was vertical and in the shape of a cross!

In my opinion, Jesus' instructions to us, his followers, do sound like "be a doormat". Things such as:

1. If a man slaps you on one cheek, turn the other cheek to him too.
2. Be quiet when people speak to you in anger.
3. Pray for those who persecute you.
4. Do not seek vengeance or revenge.
5. Love those who hate you.

And so on. His whole life was a testimony to serving others and not himself: washing his disciples' feet, preaching to the crowds although he was exhausted and hungry.

But I think of it this way...if my being a doormat for Christ can help to usher someone into the House of God, get someone interested in Him...then, I am willing to be one.

Another thought that I had was, (and this thought didn't feel like it came from me) before we can soar like eagles, our wings have to be strengthened first. Sometimes I'm so eager to fly off and explore my fullest potential that I forget that I need to grow stronger and firmer in my foundations first.

I think this is the period when God is putting many challenges in my life to build up the character I need to stay strong in Him and I thanked God for the support of the groups of friends that I've had near me all my life.

Alright, sleep is calling my name and I must not keep it waiting. Farewell dear readers! Phew.. it has been a long time since I really sit down and think what I to blog.. ^_^

McDonald's Moscow Children's Day

Today after class, myself,adeline,shuba and jimmy went for lunch in McDonald's near Frozenskaya metro.Apparently, they are selling colorful, paper hands for 10 roubles with proceeds going to needy children.Well,I just want to encourage you guys to participate and help make a difference in a child's life.

MMA - Behind the stethoscope

"Behind the Stethoscope" is the 1st ever official bi-monthly publication of the SMSA in Moscow.
I really do appreciate those who put their hands and time into making this publication published. As you can see (from the picture) "Behind the Stethoscope" brings update ranging from the latest SMSA news & upcoming events.

Academic highlights

First hand story from the doctors in Malaysia on their specialties.
And this month it is all about obstetricians!

Sports Highlights

Welfare highlights

Culture highlights

Featured restaurant for the month is Starlight Diner . However, I do think that maybe next time they could probably ask for CJ - If you've read her blog, you'll definitely know that she's the best person for the job!

Okay, that's all..Gotta get back to my books.. I'm looking forward for the next issue of Behind the Stethoscope.And I hope you guys too...