Why do females cry?

Why do we cry?Often, guys see us as a cry baby. They feel that we always get our way through by letting a few drops of our lacrimal water flowing.But in reality, we girls are born to cry just like when they say man are born to lead (THOUGH I STRONGLY DISAGREE) So in the end why do we cry?

1. We have higher prolactin levels nearly double of man (associated with breast milk production which causes emotional tears in us).Blame it on the X chromosome.

2. Our mother is the family cook.They deal with onions everyday.

3. Statistics show that most females weep over sappy movie but what they dont know is that 80% of the population in the world who watches movies and tv shows are girls,ladies, women (our mom )

4.We cry because crying makess us feel better(stress therapy) -- Research shows that suppressing emotional tears may contribute to condition such as hypertension and heart disease. Thus, we all now know why men are always associated with heart disease.

So, guys dont ever call us cry baby anymore... We cry for a reason. In the end it all falls under the X chromosome.

Hitler's Birthday 20 April

Yay... because of him ... we are having 5 days of holiday. People in Malaysia would be wondering what is so great about his Birthday..On this very day the extremist groups in Russia are planning events and heightened their activity throughout the month of April especially during his birthday.
I've been here for 4 years and I am glad that I've never seen the ugly site of Moscow ( growing movement in Russia where neo-Nazi groups are brutally attacking immigrants and spreading their hate by posting violent videos online.)

Here I've embedded a video for better understanding ( My friends Archily and Jonathan are in the video )

Have you gotten enough of spanking?

If you looked at the world today and you find it
corrupted and filled with lots of reckeless irresponsibility,
in my opinion you can just pin it all down to
one thing ,
"Spanking insufficiency Syndrome"

Kids nowadays are so pampered that they are taught
at a young age that the worst thing that they will get
for their wrong doings is a good talking to.

In the oldern days,
any teachers or fellow respected adults could
deliver a spanking to an unruly child.
And when the child complained to the parent, he would just be told
" You deserved it"

Don't get me wrong of course.
I'm not saying that I agree with the idea of spanking,

cause me myself grow up without spanking .
Of course the idea is good when you want to
discipline your child but I just feel that there's

just so many oppotunities for discipline to become abuse.
I guess that's why parents in Russia don't spank their child.
Once my russian teacher asked us, do malaysians allow spanking?
And we said yup. She was in disbelieved cause she
believed that spanking is a kind of barbaric act.
(of couse she didnt say it aloud to us)

I used to think that way too cause I grew up
without spanking.
But over these few years I've learned that with a
moderate amount of spanking is
not quite too bad after all.

I'm not here to say that I grew up as a
bad kid ( I was brought up well )or what but
I'm glad that I was brought up well with love .
Whenever I did anything wrong, my dad would talk it
out with me. The talk would be short (of course no raising of voice),
but it would made me think deep and in the end of the
day, I felt so bad that I pledged not to do it again.

But then again, not every kid respond t
o that.
Some kids really need spanking. Cause otherwise, they grow up to become like this.

Maths prodigy turned prostitute!!

Maths prodigy = Sufiah Yusof.
Ring a bell?
Well, if you don't know its okay.
Sufiah Yusof (23 years old) passed her Maths A level when she was 12.
By 13,she was in an university in Oxford.

Let me think.When I was 13, I was still....hmmm
what is 1+1 again?
I guessed everyone thought that this bright, young mind would had a beautiful future ahead.
When she first made the headlines, she made all the malaysians felt proud.
(Malaysia boleh spirit)

1o years later , instead of sailing smoothly through a shining career
and the world at her feet
she's selling her body for 130 pounds per hour.

And she's proud of it.(I respect her choice but I dont agree with it.)
I guess, sadly to say that the public never knew the torture
that she had to endure to reach such heights.
Its too much for a 13 year old girl to bear.
This is the exact example of parents who push their kids too far.
I certainly do not approve prostitution or someway supporting her act
but I can find myself to understand why.
BUT there are many people out there who are attributing her behaviour as "black magic".
And I cannot bring myself to understand it coz in my opinion,
the crux of the problem lies within the years of emotional abuse brought by her father.
By the way, the father is now in jail for sexually assaulting 2 girl of which he home-tutored.

The irony thing is her youngest sister Zuleila,aged 6
was already preparing for her A levels.(that was in 2000.Now?Nobody knows.)
Dont these people learn from their mistakes??

Discover what's love all about..

What is LOVE?

Shakespeare explained it through Romeo and Juliet...
Picasso through his paintings...
Lovers through flowers...

But no one beats my Lord's style...
HE explained it to me through the CROSS...

I would like to cordially invite any of you guys out
there in Moscow to
L.O.V.E   F.A.C.T.O.R
Ps. John Ollis
from Hillsong church Australia.

Check out the Love Factor Video Promo

I'm in it ...

To have knowledge or to be ignorant?

This evening while I was procrastinating on my bed,
a thought came onto my mind.
I was thinking  was it better to be ignorant 
or to know what is going on?
 But I'm pretty sure that I choose to be ignorant cause
 I always believe that ignorance is bliss.

Some say Ignorance is bliss while others say knowledge is power.
So it got me into thinking.
What if ignorance makes you miserable
knowledge makes you weak?
Do you guys get what I mean?
For example, you're married and you have a kid to raise and one day you found out
that your huband/wife cheats on you.
What are you going to do?
To have knowledge or to be ignorant?
Knowledge = Operation "Family destruction"
Ignorant = Operation " Happy family with only YOU being miserable"

A tough choice right?
I know its very stupid  but I choose to ignore.
And what about you?

P/S : I'm sorry people.My cycle for this month is Neurology and its quite a tough cycle for me to endure.Thus I will spend more time on my studies.
But every now and then I will blog once a while.