Clichegal's this 2010's September & October wishes & resolutions

Just my thoughts...

I'm feeling so blessed and contented now that I'm wondering when it will stop.

For the past 6 years, I've been involved a lot in church activities, seeking God, serving and stuff like...sharing, leading a cell group and most importantly learning how to worship Him.From a person who has never felt God's presence to feeling His presence and learned how to release completely to Him. I don't know where my spirit is, but wherever it is, I believe that it is growing stronger in Him. And I hope that as I spend more time in His presence and desire Him more and more, my spirit will be more attuned with His and less with the world.

Now that I've graduated and I'm waiting for the letter from KKM calling me to go for induction before I start work, I start to have this fear in me.

And I need to keep telling myself, no, no. There is a path that we must walk by faith and not by sight.I dont know where I will be sent to.But I believe that no matter where I go, God is there with me.It's just that I fear for the "what if" I didnt do well,I gave up, I start to doubt God and stuff like that.
I tend to allow the human me to play with my thoughts.For me,to walk by faith is an understanding and a belief that cannot be explained or dissected, only FELT. Like the stirring of a breeze, a whisper in the wind - only occasionally we catch a glimpse of eternity, and fall silent at the majesty that is above all we could imagine.

But we know that beyond the veil, beyond this life, there it is. Glory and holiness that will captivate us for eternity.I know that I really need to learn to just wait, and pray, and believe.

And thus,
there it is, there it is.