Happy Mother's Day

This is my family. But today I'm only going to talk about one person.
Guess who?

This is my beloved mother!!

She has a pair of extremely small eyes!

 So am I.

My mom likes to pretend to be cute.

So am I.
And I guess that's why I am her daughter. ^_^

(yup. that's her hand)
My mom is an animal lover.
We have birds, chicken, rabbit, hamsters and dog.
All living under one roof.

My mom loves to put our chicken and dog together so that they can be good friends.

But her mission fails every time.

However, one day she managed to make our dog smoke!!

I'm proud of you ma!!

 Mom and I are good friends. 
We are very busybody. In another word  "ke poh".
We share our secrets and of course gossips too.

I love my mommy a lot because she is special to me.

And I am pretty sure that she loves me A LOTTTTT  too.

Remember to make " ba zhang" for me when I come back okay.
P/S:  My mom makes the best "ba zhang" in the world!
Okayla, maybe not in the world, but at least in MY WORLD. 
Happy Mother's Day!!

P/S no2: Don't be jealous ya daddy..I write a better one for you next time. ^_^