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Stand By Me - SHINee

Who says backpacking in big groups is a big No- No

So I have been NOT updating..^_^

I am back from the whirlwind trip through Switzerland,Budapest ,Prague and Vienna. Had a lovely time though thoroughly tired.Anyhow, this trip has given me lots to ponder upon as well as lots of pictures to sift through, receipts to sort, gifts to organise, and tons and tons of memories. What a great fun and laughter!

I used to be sceptical when it comes to travelling in big groups (there was 12 of us)as most people around me would give us that sceptical look with their minds thinking "oh my,this is just going to be a disaster.So many people,So many differences, so many opinions ... etc etc etc.

But this trip has certainly been an eye opener for me.For me,it was truly great touring those places with people so familiar to me, especially in manner. Lame jokes galore, Malaysian accents and Manglish, with comments both flattering and unflattering in front of subject of mention in Malay and Mandarin, and lotsa posing for pictures( about 18 Gb inclusive of videos hehe) .Everybody is just so comfortable with each other.At least I think the rest thinks the same way too.. ^_^

Company's great, food's good, places scenic - who could ask for more? Thus I want to thank God for His blessing upon us throughout the whole journey!!

P/S : When I've filtered and compiled all of them,I assure you guys more musings and pictures (definitely!) hehe