Pepsi diet on raw pork!!

Check this our people! I know this news has been going around the net for a long time but this video is really different..

My motto as a medial student!

I guess most medical students from Russia would have known who  P.O.T.S  is by now. His post has generated numerous heated debates. Some have praised him for expressing his honest opinion, some have flamed him with unkind words and some have shared their thoughts on the education system in their own university which of course too have generated a lot of heated debates.

Anyway, when I first read his post, I thought to myself that , "oh my, it's true." And for once I really felt scare and afraid because I felt that , the HO that he is talking about is ME (NEXT YEAR!) Coz thruthfully speaking, the "CLICHEGAL" now is  definitely lacking in her practical skills and even knowledge too.. Therefore, rather than sitting down and be dissapointed about it, I have to step up!

Below, are the some of the points that POTS pointed out in his blog on where the HO from Russia are lacking off.And from now onwards,they will be my on checklist.So as to make sure I don't be the annoying HO that every specialist and MO wanted to get rid.

On MY CHECK LIST waiting to be UNCHECKED!:-

1.They did not know the basic A, B, Cs of resuscitation.

2.They have no inkling what an oxygen face mask is. 

3.They have never performed chest physiotherapy and suction before. 

4.  They couldn’t tell a Ryle’s tube from an endotracheal airway or even plaster the latter decently in place. 

(Sometimes these Russia and Ukraine graduates give answers that can really leave one stumped in disbelief and a locked open jaw.)

5.  The Russian house officer was breaking his ribs instead of pumping his heart.

6.  They had no experience in setting an intravenous cannula ever before. 

7.  Most of them don’t know pharmacology or physiology.

8.  Most can’t perform simple clinical procedures like urinary catheterization and intravenous cannulation.

9.  Most can’t deliver acute care to a patient in distress.

10. They are not well-versed with common medical terms and classifications.