Emo post : Christmas nostalgia..

Christmas is making me nostalgic and I tend to think more of my loved ones who are far away …

My philosophy class!!

In Russia, medical students are required to take up philosophy classes. Personally, I feel that Philosphy class "should" be interesting cause I've heard how interesting philosophy classes can be from my other friends in UK.I guess there are no philosophy classes in Malaysia.And I believe all of us know why!! But because philosophy classes are in russian and I'm totally tone deaf when it comes to Russian language ,thus I don't really understand the essence of philosophy. But I did have a discussion with a friend on philosophy .. (I know what a boring conversation!) But hey , its interesting k..^_^

Okay, the topic of our discussion was "Does God exist?" (remember, philosophical point of view ya!)

And there was this theory proposed by Pascal’s Wager and his argument was:

1. We can either believe that God exists, or that He does not.
2. If you believe in God and He does exist, you get a big reward (Heaven).
3. If you believe in God but He doesn’t exist, you lose nothing.
4. If you don’t believe in God and He does exist, you lose big time (er..Hell I think..)
5. If you don’t believe in God and He doesn’t exist anyway, you lose nothing.

Conclusion: You might as well believe than not believe.

Interesting, no? It’s not a perfect argument, but I like it anyway…

In philosophy, people are taught to think logically, and now I’m going to put my new found thinking skills to the test!

See I might be paranoid( but I think its true) , but I think my face has grown fatter since coming to Russia… According to my mom (which is of course not proven but claims that she "eat salt more than I eat rice"), distribution of our body fat will re-adjust after a period of staying in Russia to provide insulation. Since the face is exposed to the cold all the time, our body fat will move up to provide more insulation.

So if we follow that line of thought, those parts of our bodies which are always covered up will become thinner whereas those which are exposed to the cold will become fatter.Hmmm...

Assuming that this is true, I will have a fat face, huge hands, feet like Big Foot’s, flat boobs!!

oh well, that'S me signing off ya!! I would really want to know if someone can come up with a better argument ... haha

My most often used phrases in Russia

1 . Urghh...Why my face keep peeling off one?

(Not this)

2. Wah..why are your legs so dry?

3. Har.... Increase price again.It was just .....roubles when I first came to Moscow.

4. This costs .... roubles, times 7.5.. that would be RM.... (gasp) WALAO EH, WHY SO EXPENSIVE ONE???

4. So... cold... (teeth chattering)

5. (while walking) .. puff, grunt, wheez, gasp.. *rest awhile* puff, grunt, wheez, gasp.. NOT YET REACH AH???

6. No, I’m not Japanese
7. No, I’m not Korean
8. No, I’m not from China

Happy Birthday Kim Kim

Happy Birthday Kim Kim !!
May you and your family be blessed abundantly.

P/S : The song is dedicated to you ya!!So must listen k k k!!