A genuine happiness


I'm amazed sometimes at my ability to feel happy for others... non of that that's-great-for-you-wish-things-were-the-same-for-me-too, but a pure, genuine kind of joy when I hear good things happening to others.. so totally makes my day~!

People getting married...

People getting together...

People planning surprises for others...

*happy sigh~*

But these 3 days really taught me what genuine happiness is all about. I nearly lost my Dad last Tuesday. When my sister broke the news that my dad was hospitalised due to a strong stabbing pain in his chest and his condition was not stable, tears just flow down my cheek unknowingly. The most painful part was when I called back I had to pretend that I didn't know anything (my parents told my sister not to tell me), and be casual.

While chatting with him on the phone, his voice was really weak. Unknowingly tears just flow through my cheek.I had to pause and breathe real hard before continuing talking with him.That moment was really a very very painful moment to go through. I spent the last 2 days worrying about my dad.I could wake up in the middle at night and cried non stop for 2 to 3 hours because the fear of losing my dad was just very strong. I did nothing but worrying and complaining why. I stopped praying. I stopped believing in Him. I shut myself from reality.

Even when my friends prayed for my dad,I wasn't praying because when my uncle was on his death bed, I was kneeling and praying to God to save him, and He didn't. Thus, this time I didn't want to pray. Because I felt it was just going to be same as before.

But God is really gracious and good to me. He never forgets about me. He send people around me to comfort me. And I'm really thankful for them. I am thankful that they knew about what had happenned and yet never really asked alot.Coz at that moment I just wanted to be left alone.I am thankful that I have very considerate friends.I am. And of course, I am thankful that my dad was discharged yesterday. His condition is stable now but from now on he really needs to becareful coz recurrence rate is really high.

In just these 3 short days, I have experienced both sadness and joy on the extreme. The thing was I wallowed myself into self-pitiness. I made myself a victim. I created an excuse for myself to do nothing. But God pulled me through this painful journey. I was in the lowest pit of my life till He came to pull me out of it.He comforted me with His angels, His people, His prayer team and His songs.And all these are true genuine happiness that I've felt. Deep from inside. Thank You , My Father.

Below were the the song that really speak to me during this period.

Because Of You - City Harvest Church

My task before Graduation..

Next year , June will be the month which marks the next chapter of my life.(hehe... I will be graduating ^_^)But before the state exam, I need to equip myself with as much knowledge as possible... hehe.. There will be 8 more months before my state exam... Thus I need to finish studying the following topics below before my state exam.. hehe

1) Internal Medicine
2) Surgery
3) Obstetrics
4) Gynaecology
5) Clinical Practicals
6) Pediatrics
7) Anatomy
8) Infectious Disease
9) Oncology
10) Orthopedics and traumatology
11) Urology
12) ENT
13) Neurology
14) Endocrinolgy
15) Opthalmology
16) Pharmacology
17) Psychiatry
18) Reanimation
19) Pathophysiology
20) Mental Prep...
21) Cases
22) State Examination

P/s : Oh Lord , please give me the strength and will and determination to complete this task... Thank You Lord. Amen!!!

Female circumcision & fracture of the penis sequels?- maybe not..

It seems that lately many are interested in a few that I've posted up last year ... For instance on the topic Female Circumcision- Barbaric act and Fracture of the penis ...Yesterday , when I was checking where most of my readers are from, I came to this forum . And then I saw my blog link...

Anonymous said...

As a doctor I have an objection to both male and female circumcision. Male circumcision is for the sake of tradition and religion, not medical. When you weigh the risk to benefit, it does not pan out. Doctors are unwilling to do other needless procedures but when it comes to circumcision most of my collegues seem blinded.

http://clichegal.blogspot.com/2008/03/female-circumcision-barbaric-act.html (Warning content is rather distrubing and graphic)

See the word highlighted in red?? My content is deemed disturbing.. ??? Someone, please Enlighten me.

My life updates

Oh well... I am back in Malaysia now for my summer holiday ... There are many things to be done and yet so little time .Okay just an update of what I have done :

1) Paid my tuition fees
2) Watched Transformers ( It was great but confusing.. they all looked the same to me )
3) Went to Ipoh ( Thanks Dad for being so nice to fetch me all the way there)
4) Ate my mommy's famous ba zhang!
5) Made my name tag
6) Took pictures of my grandma & grandpa's cemetary and printed it out.

Now things that I need to do & my schedule :

1) Going to Miri on the 5th July 2009
2) Report to work on Monday.
3) Buy books in KL
4) Treat my sister(S) for lunch.
5) Prepare sermons to be presented during the mission.
6) Going for missions in Indonesia from the 1 August till 11 August 2009
7) Study a lot so that I would not end up in embarrassment upon being questioned by the doctors or friends during the mission trip.
8) Listen to the CD that Gan gave.
9) To pay a respect to my uncle !!
10) I think that's all.

Okay, now aims that I am hoping to achieve :

1) More that 10 people would be saved during the missions.
2) To go for the Doctors Conference.
3) To grow stronger in faith and love for God!
4) To increase in my knowledge!!!haha
5) To create a close and strong relationships with friends that I am going with to Indonesia.

Today , I went to Giant with mommy. And the cashier was really slow and the queue was super long. I got so frustrated. And then when it was my turn,the cashier made a mistake with a customer before me and had to call his supervisor to come over. I dont know why but I got frustrated and blurted "wah lao" and put a big sigh over him. And my mom got surprised. She asked what happened to me and where did I learn all these bad manners and that it was really rude. And when I think about it, I was never like this back then. I didnt know why I became like this. I felt so bad.I guessed living in Moscow for a long time made me impatient. I don't want this scenario to happen again to me again in near future!

Oh Lord, I just pray to you to guide me through and let the impatience in me to go away from me.Thank you Lord .. AMen!!

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

This is the only word that could describe what I am feeling right now. And what is the cause of my PTSD then? Duh.. exam laa....

Actually I still have another exam (Pediatrics) on the 22nd.. But I just couldn't find any reason to motivate me now...


Oh Lord, please get rid of this feeling away from me.

Happy Mother's Day

This is my family. But today I'm only going to talk about one person.
Guess who?

This is my beloved mother!!

She has a pair of extremely small eyes!

 So am I.

My mom likes to pretend to be cute.

So am I.
And I guess that's why I am her daughter. ^_^

(yup. that's her hand)
My mom is an animal lover.
We have birds, chicken, rabbit, hamsters and dog.
All living under one roof.

My mom loves to put our chicken and dog together so that they can be good friends.

But her mission fails every time.

However, one day she managed to make our dog smoke!!

I'm proud of you ma!!

 Mom and I are good friends. 
We are very busybody. In another word  "ke poh".
We share our secrets and of course gossips too.

I love my mommy a lot because she is special to me.

And I am pretty sure that she loves me A LOTTTTT  too.

Remember to make " ba zhang" for me when I come back okay.
P/S:  My mom makes the best "ba zhang" in the world!
Okayla, maybe not in the world, but at least in MY WORLD. 
Happy Mother's Day!!

P/S no2: Don't be jealous ya daddy..I write a better one for you next time. ^_^

Pepsi diet on raw pork!!

Check this our people! I know this news has been going around the net for a long time but this video is really different..

My motto as a medial student!

I guess most medical students from Russia would have known who  P.O.T.S  is by now. His post has generated numerous heated debates. Some have praised him for expressing his honest opinion, some have flamed him with unkind words and some have shared their thoughts on the education system in their own university which of course too have generated a lot of heated debates.

Anyway, when I first read his post, I thought to myself that , "oh my, it's true." And for once I really felt scare and afraid because I felt that , the HO that he is talking about is ME (NEXT YEAR!) Coz thruthfully speaking, the "CLICHEGAL" now is  definitely lacking in her practical skills and even knowledge too.. Therefore, rather than sitting down and be dissapointed about it, I have to step up!

Below, are the some of the points that POTS pointed out in his blog on where the HO from Russia are lacking off.And from now onwards,they will be my on checklist.So as to make sure I don't be the annoying HO that every specialist and MO wanted to get rid.

On MY CHECK LIST waiting to be UNCHECKED!:-

1.They did not know the basic A, B, Cs of resuscitation.

2.They have no inkling what an oxygen face mask is. 

3.They have never performed chest physiotherapy and suction before. 

4.  They couldn’t tell a Ryle’s tube from an endotracheal airway or even plaster the latter decently in place. 

(Sometimes these Russia and Ukraine graduates give answers that can really leave one stumped in disbelief and a locked open jaw.)

5.  The Russian house officer was breaking his ribs instead of pumping his heart.

6.  They had no experience in setting an intravenous cannula ever before. 

7.  Most of them don’t know pharmacology or physiology.

8.  Most can’t perform simple clinical procedures like urinary catheterization and intravenous cannulation.

9.  Most can’t deliver acute care to a patient in distress.

10. They are not well-versed with common medical terms and classifications.

WWE ~ So fake!

The song that keeps my heart warm now - Stand by me - Boys over flowers OST

My Mood now ::: ^_^

Stand By Me - SHINee

Who says backpacking in big groups is a big No- No

So I have been NOT updating..^_^

I am back from the whirlwind trip through Switzerland,Budapest ,Prague and Vienna. Had a lovely time though thoroughly tired.Anyhow, this trip has given me lots to ponder upon as well as lots of pictures to sift through, receipts to sort, gifts to organise, and tons and tons of memories. What a great fun and laughter!

I used to be sceptical when it comes to travelling in big groups (there was 12 of us)as most people around me would give us that sceptical look with their minds thinking "oh my,this is just going to be a disaster.So many people,So many differences, so many opinions ... etc etc etc.

But this trip has certainly been an eye opener for me.For me,it was truly great touring those places with people so familiar to me, especially in manner. Lame jokes galore, Malaysian accents and Manglish, with comments both flattering and unflattering in front of subject of mention in Malay and Mandarin, and lotsa posing for pictures( about 18 Gb inclusive of videos hehe) .Everybody is just so comfortable with each other.At least I think the rest thinks the same way too.. ^_^

Company's great, food's good, places scenic - who could ask for more? Thus I want to thank God for His blessing upon us throughout the whole journey!!

P/S : When I've filtered and compiled all of them,I assure you guys more musings and pictures (definitely!) hehe

Christmas Dinner 2008

I know it's a little wee bit late for me to post these photos especially when it's 2009 now.. But in Russia , russians celebrate Christmas on the 7th January.So I guess this post comes right in time!Without futher a do,I'll let the pictures speak for itself.

Okay,that's a wrap.And I would like to wish everyone "A Merry Merry Christmas and a Prosperous Blessed New Year!"

God bless you and your family always.

P/S : Remember the spirit of the season?
Remember what Jesus said when he said" It is more blessed to give..." ^_^