My task before Graduation..

Next year , June will be the month which marks the next chapter of my life.(hehe... I will be graduating ^_^)But before the state exam, I need to equip myself with as much knowledge as possible... hehe.. There will be 8 more months before my state exam... Thus I need to finish studying the following topics below before my state exam.. hehe

1) Internal Medicine
2) Surgery
3) Obstetrics
4) Gynaecology
5) Clinical Practicals
6) Pediatrics
7) Anatomy
8) Infectious Disease
9) Oncology
10) Orthopedics and traumatology
11) Urology
12) ENT
13) Neurology
14) Endocrinolgy
15) Opthalmology
16) Pharmacology
17) Psychiatry
18) Reanimation
19) Pathophysiology
20) Mental Prep...
21) Cases
22) State Examination

P/s : Oh Lord , please give me the strength and will and determination to complete this task... Thank You Lord. Amen!!!